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Current Lab Members

Roger B. Altman

Director of Lab Operations

Daniel S. Terry, PhD

Laboratory Manager

Emily Rundlet

Graduate Student

Avik Pati, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Mikael Holm, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Jake Batchelder

Graduate Student

Visiting Scientist

Theresa C. Vincent

Visiting Professor

Dept. of Physiology & Biophysics

Weill Cornell Medical College



Assistant Professor

Uppsala University


Past Lab Members

Gabriel Fitzgerald

Graduate Student

Peter Geggier, PhD

Former Postdoctoral Fellow, currently a Reseach Specialist at Columbia University

Glenn Gregorio, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

James B. Munro, PhD

Former Graduate Student. Currently an 

Assistant Professor at Tufts School of Medicine

Brandt Huddle.jpeg
Brandt Huddle, PhD

Research Associate

Richa Dave, PhD

Former Graduate Student, currently a 

Research Scientist at GSK, New Delhi

Leyi Wang, PhD

Former Graduate Student

Equity Research Associate, Leerink Partners

Michael B. Feldman, MD, PhD

Former Graduate Student. Currently a

Clinical Research Fellow, Mass. General Hospital

Michael Wasserman, PhD

Former Graduate Student, currently a

Post-Doctoral Associate at Rockefeller University, NYC

Randall A. Dass, PhD

Former Graduate Student

Post-Doctoral Assoc, National Cancer Institute

Manuel Juette, PhD

Former Post-Doctoral Associate, now pursuing Patent Law in Berlin Germany

Chad Kurylo, PhD

MBA candidate at Cornell's Johnson School of Business.

Qinsi Zheng, PhD

Former Graduate Student, currently a

Post-Doctoral Associate, Howard Hughs Medical Institute


Angelica Ferguson, PhD

Former Graduate Student, Research Specialist, Rockefeller University, NYC

Zhou Zhou, PhD

Asst. Prof. Dept. of Chemistry, QCC CUNY

Justin Morse, PhD

Former Graduate Student, currently a Data Scientist Intern

Nurunisa Neyzi Akyuz, PhD

Former Graduate Student. Currently a

Post-Doctoral Associate at Harvard Medical School

Benjamin J. Burnett, PhD

Former Graduate Student, currently at

Jefferies Investment Bank

Jose L. Alejo Amaya, PhD

Former Graduate Student

Postdoctoral Associate, HHMI Fellow, University of Minnesota

Mathew Parks, PhD

Former Post-Doctoral Associate, currently a Data Scientist at VIOME

Lab Fun

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